photo MyMugenFC2Banner_zps54658a48.jpg Anime2013Freak Mugen FC2 I Make Cheap Matches XD
Yeah Ive got A Cheap Rostor Trust me And its Uber Mind you Filled With Privates And Rares haha.
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LOL yes i am and NOW SHE CANNOT EVEN BE TOUCHED haha thanks ced for the coding it helped me ummm should be done within a week idk yet but hey SHES STRONG VERY in 12p mode SHE GOES BESERK LOL funny I changed port on her Too Might ChAnge coding on her a bit idk BTW ITS MY OWN YOUTUBE NAME sooo yes this is specail to me IDK if i am gonna make it public who knows....... OH ALSO BTW She CAN NOW DEFEAT

Micheal R
H kanna[My edit NO LONGER DIES she can avoid it now ]
Sadist ZERO easy V2[Draw Game] SHE WONT DIE NOW even if e tries to use OTHK power

BTW if she DOES DIE NORAMALLY SHE CAN AND WILL REVIVE HERSELF 3 TIMES OR INFINITE until SHE REALLY DOES DIE also She can die cause if she does not Active her spell revive SHE DIES FOR REAL.

wellll There you go Im excited ^^ I made another edit BUT THIS ONE IS UBER

OH she goes on Defense A LOT cause uber powers are hitting her SHE WILL AVOID THEM until time runs out PLUS she can win EVEN IF ALL CPU HP AND HER HP ARE FULL XD now how awsome is that.

No title
Did you create her from another edit, i will be surprise if she defeat Phantom Donald.

Cichol│URL│2013/10/02(Wed)12:12:54│ Edit
No title
Yes But shes Beyond cheap and only your highest rank can kill her Thats it

Anime2013Freak│URL│2013/10/02(Wed)12:47:38│ Edit
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Welcome to My Blog Make your selves at home ^^ ok Feel free to Link My Blog I dont mind

I Am a fan of Touhou After all XD welll Enjoy the little Stuff around my blog if you need Help Finding Cheap people PM me on yt please ^^ okies Thanks.

These Are Cancelled Atm Sorry Im busy with work And such Maybe I will Get Back into Them soon When im not sooo busy.

To DL them Go to Production 4Shared Tab thankyou All who DL ^^

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