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Welcome to My Blog Make your selves at home ^^ ok Feel free to Link My Blog I dont mind

I Am a fan of Touhou After all XD welll Enjoy the little Stuff around my blog if you need Help Finding Cheap people PM me on yt please ^^ okies Thanks.

These Are Cancelled Atm Sorry Im busy with work And such Maybe I will Get Back into Them soon When im not sooo busy.

To DL them Go to Production 4Shared Tab thankyou All who DL ^^

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My 5TH edit

She can defeat the Following in 12p

Micheal R[Mine wins Both sides]
Sadist ZERO Easy v2 [Wins Seems Like HE WON but draw Game then i won Both rounds]
Dark Magaki[I won both rounds and both sides]
CC[Wins] She Won Both sides
Overkill she wins Then Crashes on 2nd round
Grand Daible[Wins Both sides]
Excerion She Wins Both rounds
DEX Donald WITH %v%v won both sides
DEX Colonol WITH %v%v won both sides
Hastur[WON Both sides]
NEW DEX[Draw Game AND I THINK WON 2ND ROUND idk cause he crashed]
G Mashiro I Won First round Last forever on second
Chrono LV.999 [I Won Both sides]
Stick Human Qeg I won both sides
M Reimu DIES I won both sides
NEW M reimu draw game

MY OWN CODING I USED WITHOUT %n SHE WON Even with %v%v on DEX People she won shes Ultra uber NO JOKE...........NOT EVEN THE STRONGEST CAN KILL HER and NO Phantoms are NONE OF MY CONCERN right now........


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