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Welcome to My Blog Make your selves at home ^^ ok Feel free to Link My Blog I dont mind

I Am a fan of Touhou After all XD welll Enjoy the little Stuff around my blog if you need Help Finding Cheap people PM me on yt please ^^ okies Thanks.

These Are Cancelled Atm Sorry Im busy with work And such Maybe I will Get Back into Them soon When im not sooo busy.

To DL them Go to Production 4Shared Tab thankyou All who DL ^^

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Masmusdaspecail Yup DEX donald is dead I won both rounds Not even i think the new one can kill her

Owata Killer edits died

Samsara Dies well the Creations

Dry ice

Idk what else but as far as im concerned she my Most powerful one sh even killed killer donald And DEX Colonol AND even draw game AND WON with sadist ZERO plus CAN KILL 2 MOST UBER CIRNO EDITS hahahaha EVEN SHE CAN KILL M REIMU V1.99 AND Draw game AND WIN M Reimu 2.0

Point is SHES VERY VERY POWERFUL NO NULL NO %n MY OWN CODING i did but Its a simple Method.......


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