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Welcome to My Blog Make your selves at home ^^ ok Feel free to Link My Blog I dont mind

I Am a fan of Touhou After all XD welll Enjoy the little Stuff around my blog if you need Help Finding Cheap people PM me on yt please ^^ okies Thanks.

These Are Cancelled Atm Sorry Im busy with work And such Maybe I will Get Back into Them soon When im not sooo busy.

To DL them Go to Production 4Shared Tab thankyou All who DL ^^

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..........WHAT.........the heck uhhhh CC NEW 12P just freezes in his Animation Mine does too 12p mmmm hes on 1p AND 2P Side WITH %v%v uhhhh Prehaps i destroyed his coding..........I cannot even F5 or ESC wow.........jeez

ok i found out his %v%v IT DOES DESTROY HIS CODING cause none of us can move wow.....soooo i went to his 12p mode NORMAL NAME and WOW it crashed on me Into his 5th Stage i can still win Both sides both rounds What A Amazing edit.........


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